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  1. Hi Tessa. I was just directed to a gorgeous map you made for author Vincent Trigili, who I know from the FB author group Indie Fantasy Authors. I need a map, myself, for my historical fantasy set in Renaissance France. Interested? The area is the southern section of Alps where they run into Provence, near Nice and Italy. I’ll find a contemporary map to situate the exact corner. My period is mid 1500s to 1575.

    I am interested in cool, legible fonts, some typographical reference to petrogylphs (there are numerous in the region dating from the stone age), and some interesting use of illustration to reference springs, rivers, mines, hidden treasure, and ghostly apparitions.

    I am in draft three of this novel, working with two critique partners. The earliest I’d get this finished for publication is about 8 months. So no huge hurry. I’d love to get your idea of a budget for this if you ‘re interested.

    Laura, Columbus, Ohio

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